No matter if a jewellery piece is handed me down from someone important in your life, a gift from someone you love, a trendy piece, or just beautiful bling to your collection, you definitely want to take proper care of all your favourite jewellery pieces, make sure they are in pristine condition, look stunning, and you will be able to enjoy and wear them for many more years. Here are some great tips for proper jewellery maintenance and upkeep, check them out.

Keep Jewelry Away from Wood

This one may sound a bit strange and surprising, but leaving your favourite jewellery pieces on wooden surfaces or other sorts of chemically treated surfaces can easily stain your jewellery and even speed up the tarnishing process.

Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags are your best friends when it comes to storing your favourite jewellery pieces. Over time, jewellery comes in contact with moisture and air, which can definitely affect its appearance negatively, cause tarnish eventually, and damage your favourite pieces. Therefore, we recommend storing the pieces you don’t wear on a daily bases stored in ziplock bags, which will keep them away from air and moisture. An additional bonus is that your favourite jewellery pieces won’t get tangled.

Silver and Chalk

The best way to store your silver jewellery pieces and make sure they don’t get tarnished or darken over time is to simply store them with chalk. Put a piece of chalk where you store all silver pieces and it will do its magic. Chalk absorbs moisture.

Don’t Wet It and Keep Away from Skincare

Develop a habit of putting off all jewellery pieces whenever you are taking a shower, putting on skincare products, or simply when you are in contact with water. Both water and skincare and other cosmetic products can tarnish and affect the way your jewellery looks.

No Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure on sunlight can also make the colour of gemstones dull and they will lose their beauty. Therefore, store away the pieces you are not wearing constantly in a darker place where there is no direct sunlight and don’t wear your pieces while soaking up some sun on the beach.

Put Pieces on Rotation

Many people have their signature statement pieces of jewellery they wear on an everyday basis or often enough. However, keep in mind that even the most expensive and high-quality jewellery is not meant to be worn non-stop. In case you want to ensure your favourite pieces last for longer and you want to enjoy them for many more years, make sure to give them a break every now and then and wear other pieces from your collection instead.

Separate Gold and Silver

If you are a lucky owner of both gold and silver jewellery, make sure you are not mixing them when storing the different metal pieces but rather store them separately. Gold is very easy to scratch, therefore, we recommend you keeping all your gold pieces in separate bags made out of soft material or the original boxes they came in.

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