Tiger Jewellery

Tiger Jewellery pay the best prices for any items of gold, silver and platinum, antiques and luxury watch brands. Tiger Jewellery is a Jewellery and Antiques Dealer based in Sussex and our associates have three generations of experience in the trade. We offer people the best means to sell gold quickly and safely. We deal in a wide range of goods including gold jewellery, silverware, antique furniture & collectibles, watches, clocks and much more. Our Home Valuation & Postal services mean you can sell gold for great prices.

Gold values have recently been at an all time high and many people consider it to be an excellent time to sell. Tiger Jewellery specialises in valuing silver items in the comfort of your home and guarantee to provide an excellent cash offer for any silver you wish to sell. Call us now on 01273 530034 to arrange a valuation to sell silver or email us at info@tigerjewellery.co.uk.