The Jewellery Maker

Two of us have joined forces to open The Jewellery Maker, where we believe in a strong sense of community and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which will nurture people's creativity. The workshop will provide the tools and equipment to help make this creativity come to life, through design and knowledge. Come and join us and meet new people, make friends and become part of The Jewellery Maker.

I live in Carnforth with my two children. I've been designing and creating jewellery for over 14 years and trained at the Adult College in Lancaster for many years. I take most of my inspiration for my own pieces from ancient Celtic designs.

I think my love for making jewellery must have started when I used to help my Dad build model steam engines in his workshop as a child. I enjoyed working with metal so much that in later years, when my own daughter was two years old, I got the chance to enrol at the College.