The Jewellery Boutique

The Jewellery Boutique was created by goldsmith and jewellery designer Laura Durrant, working with a combination of modern and traditional jewellery making techniques including hand-carving, sand-casting, engraving and computer aided design. I create original designs using wax and sand-cast precious metal along with precision CAD designs and engraved personalised jewellery. I use CNC and CAD technology along with modern graphic design and traditional goldsmith techniques to design, engrave and cut precious metal to create original jewellery designs.

Each piece is unique, all of the jewellery is designed and individually hand-crafted by me in my workshop based in Norwich and is handmade and finished with care and attention to detail. My designs are a combination of bold, organic shapes with beautiful tactile finishes along with sleek, modern, personalisation. Each piece is designed with individuality and comfort in mind.