Stephen Roper Jewellery

My childhood was filled with the sights, sounds and smells of creative businesses in London's Portobello Road and Camden Lock markets, where my Mother sold her hand made clothing accessories and jewellery. Then I discovered my own love of creating and selling when I worked my way through a History Degree. I ran a craft shop at our home in Whitstable, on the Kent coast, which we were at the same time rescuing from dereliction! Papier Mache clocks, stained glass mirrors, glass jewellery (sold through Liberty), all found their way from my doodles to many happy customers.

For more than 11 years, after some initial tuition from a local goldsmith, I have developed my distictive style, exploring natural textures and forms. I create organic surfaces through the traditional techniques of forging, reticulation, filigree and granulation. I am inspired by nature, old artifacts and the beauty of time - worn surfaces.