Silver Haven

DAZLZE.COM (Dazlze Jeweller) is a company dedicated to manufacturing and retail and wholesale jewellery in silver, gold and jewellery. Specilizing in online sales. With more than eighteen years of experience in jewellery trade and for the last many years continued development through internet. Our company is based in United Kingdom, and turned into a recognized regional center for its workmanship and refinement in the manufacturing of jewellery Our exclusive designs in silver, gold, Diamond, jewellery created by different designers which makes our collection varied and vast interms of style, form, materials and colours, For this purpose we also have the collaboration with factories in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonasia and Italy, Maxico, Each specializes in raw materials and diffrent manufacturing techniques.

As a result of this we offer a continuous renovation in our collections, following the latest trends in each country and season, which satisfying the demand of the buyers.