Silver Chamber Jewellery

Silver Chamber Jewellery Online Store is the place when customers can find and buy absolutely unique items of hand crafted, artistic jewellery & accessories of all kinds. Store was founded in 2012 and created to become the meeting place for every talented artists/designers and customers who can appreciate art and want to surround themselves with unique trinkets. It is also a representative, distributor and agent to international and British independent designers - those experienced by already established market position as well as those who are taking their first steps in the artistic world.

Silver Chamber Jewellery Online Store focuses on creativity and original style! The company sells hand made, art jewellery & unique accessories that make perfect gifts and are ideal for any occasion. The product range includes a choice of gemstones, metals and jeweller techniques. Helping customers to buy online within 24 hours, the company provides a range of hand crafted jewellery & accessories as well as possibility of taking part in artistic workshops.