Sarah May Jewellery

I grew up in the Caribbean and had a cultured and colourful childhood. This has inspired many of my collections expressing movement in jewellery with colour and simple dome and cup forms referencing my fascination with seeds and pods.

I've been drawn to the twinkle and sparkle of jewels since I was a young girl and used to love riffling through my mother's and grandmother's jewellery boxes; eagerly searching for treasures. I felt I was holding something precious and valuable in my hands and to this day enjoy memories and stories about jewellery.

It excites me to create beautiful wearable objects based on your personal story; whether a romantic piece of jewellery, a friendship gift or self indulgent piece, jewellery marks an occasion, it's sentimental and I enjoy the idea of my work becoming an heirloom as it is passed on through future generations.