Randall S

Years ago I made a couple of actual-size replica Faberge-style eggs for private customers, and when the organisers of Miniature asked me to create something for their 50th anniversary I decided to make my own first miniature Faberge-style egg in gold. All Faberge eggs contain a 'secret', and I came up with the idea of a dormouse coveting a diamond.

I spent four years completing courses for Lower and Higher Diploma's studying Silversmithing at Medway College of Art & Design. In 1984 I won the Goldsmiths Competition for 'Design' with a silver Christening Set, 'Silversmithing' with a large hand hammered Jug and 'Smallwork' with an extremely intricate working Carousel. Upon leaving college in 1985, I started work with Sarah Jones Silversmiths based in London. Leaving after eleven years to start a business for myself. Work since then has been wonderfully varied, from designing & making for trade. Including companies such as Links of London, Garrads and Aspreys to individual private customers.