Peter George Banks Jewellers

Our wide ranging portfolio of watch brands includes collections from some of the world's leading watch houses. Buying a luxury watch is a big commitment. To help purchase your perfect watch we have a few tips to guide you. A question we are often asked is whether a luxury wristwatch can be an investment. Our answer is always the same. Yes, a good watch can be a solid investment. The reason that some watches go up in value is because manufacturers of watches mostly raise the prices on their watches each year or some discontinue producing a particular luxury watch, raising the value of the timepiece.

So, whether you are considering buying a watch for yourself or a gift for someone special, a luxury watch is always a smart purchase. Those with a passion for watches know the skill and design that goes into the production of a watch is what sets it apart. For some people, a luxury timepiece is a status symbol often made of precious metals and sometimes adorned with diamonds and jewels.