Pars Jewellers

Pars Jewellers is a registered British jewellery company and a member of the British Jewellery Association. We supply exquisite contemporary and vintage jewellery worldwide. We specialise in designer jewellery and products struck in Gold, Silver and Platinum. Supplying new, pre-owned and refurbished items such as: hallmarked designer jewellery, antiques, coins, assayed bars and collectables. We aim to supply you with stunning jewellery coupled with a service that holds your best interests at heart. We undertake jewellery repairs, resizing and rhodium plating. Customer satisfaction plays a big role in our philosophy and we are always keen to learn how to serve your interests better. We constantly review our customer feedback and implement techniques to improve our services. We supply the latest jewellery designs and offer vintage pieces, antiques, coins and collectables we feel would be of interest to you. We love to help you find and treasure any item.