Nina's Fusion (ByNina)

I have always loved creating new innovative things, and wanted to use my core skills to venture out in to a new industry and start up a jewellery and clothing range, which is 100% handmade, of the best quality materials and craftsmanship, but tailored to Western tastes – so a bit of India meets the West.

My aim is to make beautiful, luxurious, sustainable pieces, that will make people want to buy them, make them feel like they are wearing pieces of art, increase recognition and value in the handmade trade, and support the local Indian artisans in the process.

The jewellery ranges from fine delicate pieces showing off the purity of gems that can be found in mines across India to vibrant statement ornaments, all tailored to Western tastes, but with a bit of the Indian flair. Each piece has been lovingly hand made by several groups of artisans, and the intricacy of the details involved means it can take several weeks to complete – just like a piece of art.

These artisans are amazingly talented, and have been handed down the trade through their families over hundreds of years.