Nina Bulley Jewellery

I have been making jewellery now for 14 years, but before then had a rather ordinary office job. I studied silversmithing at West Dean College in Chichester and now make a range of sterling silver jewellery inspired by natural surroundings and the sea. I was one of the first people to begin using glass in her jewellery, winning the prestigious British Craft Trade Fair newcomer award in 2003. I have since appeared on television, BBC radio, and featured in various magazines showcasing my work.

I live in Ryde on the Isle of Wight and although not originally from the island, I just love living here. I enjoy being surrounded by the sea and such beautiful countryside, and can regularly be seen out on my bike! I continually seek to improve on my technical and designing skills to produce better jewellery, this way my work is always evolving and re-creating itself into new dimensions, therefore feeding the creativity that goes into each piece I make.