Logan The Jewellers

Logan The Jewellers is a family run, traditional Scottish jewellers based in the historic seaside town of Ayr. We pride ourselves on being different from the chain-store jewellery shops that seem to fill our towns these days. Many of these shops are retailers, not jewellers. They may be able to sell you a piece of jewellery, but their knowledge and experience cannot compete with the service a traditional jeweller can offer. We believe that true knowledge of jewellery and watches can only come from experience, not from a two week retail training course. Our shop is over a century old and has held generations of jewellers. We offer unrivalled knowledge of our trade, skilled goldsmiths and watchmakers on the premises, and good old-fashioned customer service.

Although our shop may seem small at first glance, don't be deceived. We offer one of the largest ranges of Rotary watches in Ayr and stock thousands of jewellery items with prices ranging from £20 to over £20,000.