Kristjan Eyjolfsson Fine Jewellery

Kristjan Eyjolfsson Fine Jewellery aspire to share a passion for design and craftsmanship with the world. Our inspirations stem from the ancient art of goldsmithing and our love of dramatic and unusual forms found within nature, architecture, paintings and sculpture. We design and create pieces that are exciting, elegant, balanced and exquisitely crafted. To us, fine jewellery means the creation of pieces - designed and made by hand - to the highest quality and thereby built to last.

In addition, we are committed to environmental and social responsibility. As such, when creating our pieces, we aim to only use materials that are sustainable, ethical and conflict-free. To maintain a connection with our customers' sense of individuality, we create collection pieces that can be tailored in a number of ways. By selecting different metals or precious stones, pieces can be customised to suit personal taste and so result in something truly unique.