Keepsake Jewellery

I live in the Wiltshire countryside with my four dogs and two cats and usually a foster dog too. It would be fair to say I am very passionate about animals and therefore am very lucky to be able to use that passion in my work. As well as working as a jeweller and being able to combine my love of animals in that aspect of some of my work, I also work as a behaviourist, specialising in dogs with fear and aggression issues. I have been making jewellery for over ten years and while I have evolved as a jeweller with style and design, one thing that has always remained is my love of simplicity in my work, and hopefully the designs together with the wonderful materials makes for a unique and simple piece that looks elegant. I am a self taught jeweller and absolutely love being able to make something simple and elegant with a special meaning to the wearer of the piece. The idea for the pet range of Jewellery was inspired by my beautiful Siamese cat Tanzie.