Jewellery By Andrea Jane

I create beautiful handmade gemstone and sterling silver jewellery to my own designs, or handmade bespoke jewellery to your personal requirements. I am a professional jeweller with over 10 years experience in making and repairing jewellery. Based in Northamptonshire, I can offer a personalised service in the local area for necklace and bracelet rethreading and silver fingerprint jewellery. I have been creating my own handmade jewellery for many years, for myself and for people I know, usually as bespoke one off pieces for special occasions, for example, jewellery to match a wedding outfit.

I have worked at a local independent jeweller in Northamptonshire for more than 10 years and just recently the store has been carrying a small selection of my handmade jewellery for sale. Wanting to go one step further, and to fully realise my dream of making and selling my own handmade jewellery, I set about making a number of collections, and this website on which to showcase them.