Hobbs Jewellers

Welcome to Hobbs Jewellers, we are a family run business that was founded by my grandfather Edward Hobbs back in 1946. Through the years we have had to adapt to an ever changing world but aim to withhold many of the principles installed in the early days of our business, and in many ways, not much has changed. We still write hand written receipts, use the phone more than e-mail and aim to give our customers a warm, friendly, familiar face when they visit our shop.

My Father ran the business through both good and tough times, ably assisted by my mother until a few years ago when the reins were passed to me, having served a steady 15 year apprenticeship. My brother Edward is also now involved in the business and together we aim to continue with the great work that has been done before us and to drive the company forward in a way that we hope will make our family proud.