Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

I'm Helen Swan, a Scottish jewellery designer with 30 years' experience in jewellery and silversmithing. From my studio in Glasgow's West End I work with a variety of precious and semi-precious materials like gold, silver and diamonds as well as less conventional materials including brass, aluminium and rubber. My jewellery is mostly contemporary and my designs evolve as I'm influenced by new ideas, trends and fashions. I'm inspired by the ergonomics of jewellery and how a piece designed with the body in mind can create quite stunning results.

I love to create unique mechanisms for clasps that whilst unconventional, integrate with the overall design to create statement pieces which are both eye catching and wearable. Helen Swan's imaginative and elegant jewellery is a world away from anything you'll find on the high street. I have always enjoyed working with the ergonomics of a piece of jewellery.