Hannah Hill Jewellery

These link in with the theme or feeling of a piece to further enhance it. So that when you are wearing your piece of jewellery, you are also carrying (in your mind) the beautiful images within the poem. I collect the wood from the local Sussex woodland, then saw it up, sand it down, paint it very delicately and varnish it, to make pendants. Whilst I'm out walking I notice the patterns in nature, the shape and markings on a leaf, the spiral of an unfolding fern, there is so much beauty and intricacy.

This is a big inspiration for me as you can see in my work. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Please contact me if you wish to buy a piece or go to Jewellery Poems my etsy shop. Some of them will be immediately available and others you may need to allow time for me to make a similar piece. I am happy to make bespoke pieces, just contact me to tell me your ideas about what sort of thing you'd like and we can talk about it.