About the Business

Goldsmiths Mitev are your jewelers from Germany who have been successfully practicing the old goldsmith art since 2004. We offer our customers fancy and extravagant wedding and engagement rings. Forge your wedding rings in gold and palladium as well as in platinum with 5% discount until the end of this month. Our engraved wedding rings are the best gift for any occasion, whether you want to get married or just want to surprise nicely your wife or fiancee.

The old matching wedding bands can be traced back to the time of the ancient Egyptians BCE, as the man of the future bride presented a valuable object or a silver coin – as a great guarantee for the reciprocal marriage promise. Over the centuries, the diamond wedding rings have become very strong, symbolizing eternity and infinity. The wedding jewelry were first forged from silver and from steel then later from gold. Slowly over time, the wedding rings sets were provided with diamonds and other gemstones, later come the unusual and custom design wedding band.

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15 Tottenham Lane

Crouch End, N8 9DJ
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