Gemwaith Wyn Jewellery

Lowri-Wyn is from an agricultural background growing up on her family run farm in a small village called Llanelian, North Wales. After graduating from Bangor University studying Product Design she developed her jewellery making skills working as an Assistant Manager for a well developed company in Cowbridge. After having a once in a life time trip travelling to the other side of the world she came home full of inspiration and determination to start her own jewellery company. Lowri's inspiration to creating Woolly Jewellery came from her own small flock of rare breed Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep (see picture below) that she's been breeding for a couple of years. By combining her two passions- making jewellery and her small flock of sheep she creates unique personalised handmade jewellery with a woolly twist using dyed wool from her sheep with silver and other materials.