Fusion Jewellers

Fusion is a partnership between Andrew Fox, an award- winning goldsmith with more than 25 years experience along with Cliff Smith, a Fellow of the Gemmological Association, with a jewellery background in retail. They fused their skills and expertise to offer a unique and personalised service to customers and clients so they too could benefit from their passion for jewellery. Andrew trained as a jewellery designer and goldsmith and initially specialised on the restoration of antique and vintage jewellery. This background enables Fusion to select a diverse range of beautiful antique and vintage pieces and we can often source items that clients require if not currently in stock. For those with more contemporary tastes, we can design in collaboration with the client, bespoke jewellery fashioned from various metals including platinum, gold, palladium, titanium, etc. Diamonds or precious stones can be incorporated, maximising the choice and design options to fit most budgets.