Firths Jewellers

Established in 1953, Firths Jewellers of Lancaster are delighted to design and make bespoke jewellery for any occasion. Firths Jewellers can satisfy requests for a personal touch with unique jewellery design. All our services are performed by expert craftsmen whose talent is unsurpassed. Not often can the pleasure gained from commissioning and possessing something unique be equalled. Firths can bring to life the jewellery of your dreams with a choice of stones, setting and finish. We are also pleased to remodel jewellery, resetting, adding or removing particular stones to give a new look or feel. Understanding the immeasurable personal value our customers attach to their treasures, we take the utmost care in restoring your jewellery.

Whatever your jewellery requirements, you may be assured that the Firths team is entirely at your service.

Firths Jewellers are pleased to stock a fine collection of Brown and Newirth Wedding Rings.