Fashion Jewellery By Kooqi

The word "kooky" is derived from American beatnik slang, possibly a shortening of the word cuckoo, and Kooqi jewellery is certainly a little different. We offer bold, colourful jewellery including sterling silver, murano glass jewellery and many styles of fashion jewellery. It began in November 2007 with "The Ring Box", a website specialising in silver rings. That website grew into what is now the Kooqi brand, and the first website went live in June of 2008. We recently upgraded and the site you are looking at was launched in November 2012.

We have a sister site (built on the Amazon Webstore platform) called Puure Jewellery and all our jewellery is also available directly from our Amazon Storefront. Scarlet Partnership Limited was formed by Sarah Bardsley and Neil Jones in 2007. We own and opertate a suite of eCommerce and business websites. If you are interested in the kind of thing we do please visit our cheshire based web design company.