Designer Jewellery

I was born and grew up in a small town called Ratingen in Germany. I studied Jewellery Design at Middlesex University and went on to the Royal College of Art to receive my Masters in 1995.

I am fascinated by the structures, shapes and patterns of nature and architecture. A particular inspiration to me is the chambered nautilus shell. The gently spiralling exterior gives only a subtle hint of its intricate interior design. In my bead range I have tried to articulate that internal structure by drawing it out and making it the fabric of the piece itself. Using repetitive units I create a visually complex shape that is structurally simple.

My Duotex range explores texture. I have developed an etching technique that allows me to create an intricate pattern of fine lines into a tactile surface pattern. The satinised and oxidised surfaces create an intriguing play on dark and light and enhance my simple but strong shapes.