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We all know that taking care of your precious and valuable items makes good financial sense. Does it not make sense to do the same with our watches and jewellery? When you consider the amount of work that the tiny parts inside many watches do year after year, it really is amazing that they continue to keep time especially considering the abuse that some of us give them. It is nice to know that it only takes a small amount of care and attention to keep them in good condition.

Considering how much time we spend servicing and taking care of our cars, doesn't it make sense to to do the same with our watches and jewellery? Watches may be worn depending upon the mood, function or activity that the wearer is participating in at that moment. Watch storage may be something as simple as keeping it in a drawer or it may be more sophisticated and may involve keeping the watch to time so that it may be worn at a moments notice.

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4-6 South John Street

Liverpool, L1 8BJ
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