Bonds Jewellers

Jacqueline Butcher, was born into a leading jewellery family and helped her father during holidays and at weekends when she was still at school, indeed, she can claim to have grown up surrounded by gold, silver and diamonds! This helped her develop both an unsurpassed knowledge and love of jewellery, which she has used to ensure that she stocks what people want to wear. During the last 19 years Bonds has concentrated on creating a business that has a broad range of all types of jewellery whilst ensuring that the latest styles are available at great prices. Large stocks are always carried and there really is something for everyone. Bonds put considerable effort into recruiting and training its staff, there is a high level of staff stability and all staff are trained by outside trainers to qualify in the prestigious Professional Jewellers Diploma under the auspices of the National Association of Goldsmiths of which we are active members.