Bella Beads Boutique, Wells

We are a mother and daughter run bead shop in the beautiful city of Wells in Somerset, with a HUGE passion for beads & jewellery making. Sarah is a textile artist and has always used beads in her work, she developed a love for jewellery making when Emily, carrying on the creative streak started to use some of her beads to make jewellery, inspiring Sarah, we started to develop our beading skills together and found that beading was highly addictive! Sarah has always wanted a craft shop and as beading is one of the most popular hobbies in the UK, starting a business doing what we both loved just seemed to make sense!

The shop has been a great hit and we are very glad we took a plunge in such a hard economical time and started Bella Beads! We have had great fun over the last few years teaching and inspiring people, seeing their new hobby grow, developing their skills, and seeing how people have used our beads, which in turn inspires us!